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Application Process
Application Process for 2014 Grants is Now Available.

Types of Programs Supported by SYPF

The Summer Youth Program Fund supports a wide variety of summer camps. Program activities vary, and may include academic skill enrichment, college readiness, personal growth and leadership development, arts and culture, recreation and sports, employment and job readiness, community service, and programs for youth with disabilities. Applicants must select one of the following program categories that best describes their program:


  • Academic Achievement – Program includes activities based on academic standards to prevent summer learning loss and achieve gains in key academic areas such as reading, math, science, etc. At least one certified teacher coordinates intentional learning activities with measurable outcomes. STEM activities, partnerships with enhancement programs, and data exchange with participants’ schools are especially valued.

  • Daily Programs – Programs are provided for at least four hours per day, five days per week for four weeks. In general, they serve the same children throughout the summer.

  • Enhancement/Special Projects – Programs enhance a young person’s summer or enhance the offerings of another camp by focusing on specialized content or skills, and are limited in the number of hours and days they are offered to a single group of youth. They may have multiple cycles of similar activities and may be delivered at the grantee’s facility or at other locations in the community. Examples include: 1) Science program offered four hours per day for one week; 2) Educational program for girls offered every day for three weeks; 3) Technology camp offered three days per week for eight weeks; 4) Art camp offered for one week at a time to different camps.

  • Overnight Programs – Programs provide overnight camping experiences and are generally provided in one or two-week sessions.

  • Youth Employment – Program’s primary purpose is to employ youth (ages 14 – 22) or to place them in jobs. Internships and pre-employment training activities may be included, but youth must work at least ten hours per week and be paid wages or stipends in positions that have job descriptions. Positions may include day camp counselors, horticultural workers, tutors, clerical assistants or other positions that provide structured work experiences and pay. If youth do not receive a written description of their responsibilities and the expectations for earning a wage or stipend, your program is not a Youth Employment program, but may be a Daily or Enhancement/Special Project program.

How to Apply


Step One:

Review the following documents CAREFULLY!

- SYPF Guidelines and Application Instructions/FAQs


Step Two:

Click the Link to the 2014 SYPF Program Grant Application:


Lilly Endowment Capital Grants:

Click this LINK for information and application

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